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This is a cool idea, and this has certainly crossed my mind before!
I was wondering what the walls want to say to your character? Why did they only start talking then and not anytime before?
I was also wondering why the sockets scream every time the walls try to talk? Are they trying to stop the walls from saying something? Or maybe the walls want to say something bad and the sockets are just trying to protect the character?



Nice idea. Will the walls be speaking to humans (just residents in a home or any visitor), animals, other walls? Personally, I'd enjoy walls talking to me, if family was away. Will there be a common language that the walls can talk? Wonder what will be the triggers that will make the walls talk and also stop them from talking? Will the walls be sharing information, humor, ancestral memories --audio, visual, flashing written messages? Through what medium? How do you plan to address the qualitative information that walls share - personal, humor, positive, negative? Interested to see this story shape up further...All the best.



this is cool! I would love it if they could talk. they could tell a lot of things. 2:How did they get this ability? 3: One thing that is unclear is that how do people react to this?



Cool idea for the walls that could talk.
Interested in the genre of the story and how the concept contributes to a bigger story.



Oh great concept! Would work really well as a comedy but I also thought of it maybe being a crime or mystery story. The walls can have different personalities for example the four walls in the kitchen are a little group and can communicate with the three walls from the living room and the walls from the bathroom etc. maybe they can also move things kind of like casita in Encanto. The wall behind the sofa can be the happy one, cause they can watch TV all the time and the one with the shower can be grumpy, cause they'd have to watch naked people all the time and get wet. Maybe they see a crime going on in the appartement. Or the people owning the place make plans to tear down some walls and they have to try preventing that.



Thank you everyone for your feedback. This was my first time trying this, so I was just testing out the waters.


Tracy (1 like)

I really like the idea of walls talking. I do wonder about what kind of relationship the walls have with the outlet. What's unclear is whether everyone can hear and understand the walls. Do they speak all languages? Do they only talk to certain people?


Brandon (1 like)

I'm really into the idea of what hearing a wall could say about its past tenants and its potentially long or short lifespan, but you want to try some other ideas too. Pitching 3 together is a way to keep us from pinning ourselves in creatively with the first good idea we have.


Seth (2 likes)

I think it could be taken a fairly serious direction, since the psychological stress of always being watched is really corrosive. The pitch didn't really provide any direction for a narrative.


Fiona (1 like)

Haha what a strange sense of humour! Made me giggle. I’m wondering how would things move on from here? maybe this has potential as a dark comedy. What will the walls say? Would they give away private information and embarrassing secrets?


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