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  • What did you find confusing or unclear?

  • What suggestions do you have to make it stronger?


I love the characters of the spirit guides so much! They look so interesting. And when the sky opens up in the ending: it looks awesome.
I agree on the note that it was unclear if people were conscious of the hands or not. How are the spirit guides structured? Is Bailey lower in the hierarchy? Or does every spirit keep an eye on every other spirit? I mean: is there a kind of management layer that gets angry at Bailey or is everyone on the same level? Bailey seems to have less status than the others, that they can threaten him with the birds. Maybe that's interesting to consider.
Great job.



Very interesting idea! I like that you developed Bailey as an actual character, not just a malevolent force. I also think it’s neat how he can manipulate our world like a dollhouse, yet is interested in trivial things like birds.

One thing I don’t understand is how we know there are hands everywhere if they’re invisible. Are the people aware that they’re being controlled like puppets? Does Sam feel embarrassed that he’s so clumsy, or is he irritated that his spirit guide is so bad at its job? I’d love to see more of Sam’s character as an individual rather than a puppet.

Cant wait to see more!


Christopher (1 like)

Thank you Erika! That's a good note on the use of the word invisible. The idea was that the hands are invisible to the people but the audience would be able to see them moving things around. I'll work on the narration for this week so it's clearer who's perspective I'm narrating from. I could say something like 'there were hands that controlled everything. no one in the world noticed them, as if they couldn't see them'


Angelina (1 like)

The story you have created is so unique and I love the way you have illustrated this. I m interested in finding out how Bailey reacts to the pink dove being released and if the two main characters team up to take down the other spirits. I also really appreciate that you have added a detailed description on the side to follow along with. Great job!



I agree with this note. this story is incredible


Christopher (1 like)

Thank you so much Brit and Angelina! We're working on creating a satisfying Act 3 and Bailey's reaction will be a big part of it. Our idea is that Bailey and Sam work together to convince the other spirits that the people shouldn't be controlled like puppets. This week we'll have the rough version up, so hopefully you can help let us know if it's satisfying enough or if we need a bigger finale!


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Good Spirits

Act 1
Once upon a time, there were these invisible hands that seems to control everything.
One man, named Sam, stumbled through life, being pulled by hands that seemed to not know what they were doing.
Sam’s colleagues laugh at him.
Sam gets up, brushes off and enters his work party. The hands help guide him, but only minimally as they continue to be inattentive. There are other hands inspecting plants and flying with pigeons.
At the party, floating hands appear everywhere controlling every person inside.
The people gather around as a show is about to start.
Sam’s boss jumps in, wearing a sequin jumpsuit and, with the help of the hands, does an incredibly well choreographed dance that incorporates stage magic. The crowd loves it
Sam looks for a quiet place to sit and get away from everyone, stumbling as a hand carelessly moves him. The hands that guide him are inattentive, playing with the scene around him.
The boss completes his routine, releasing a bird.
The bird flies up to a separate dimension, revealing Bailey, a fifth dimensional spirit guide, and the one who’s been controlling Sam. Bailey catches the bird, paying no attention to Sam.
Bailey trips Sam, causing him to knock over 20 other people.
Sam’s workmates are mad at Sam and the other Spirits get mad at Bailey for ruining the party..
Sam lays in bed. He sees a documentary about a mountain climber. He looks to his own poster of Everest.
Bailey, disheartened, plays with his birds in their cage.
The next day, as Sam walks to work, the pink dove appears and Bailey gets distracted, trying to catch it.
Sam, free from control, gets the sudden urge to leave. He doesn’t go to work and instead walks in the other direction.
Bailey doesn’t notice Sam has left but he catches the bird and puts it in a cage.

Act 2:
The other spirits find Bailey and ask him where his human is. Bailey isn’t sure.
The spirits get mad at Bailey and tell him that the world can’t run smoothly if everyone isn’t under control.
Bailey protests, but the spirits take his caged bird and threaten to release it if he doesn’t find Sam and bring him back.
Bailey unfolds the edges of space looking into various places for Sam, but cannot find him.
Meanwhile, Sam has walked out into the countryside. He dances amongst the flowers in the field freely.
As the other spirits continue to control their humans, they look over the Bailey and hold his birdcage up.
Bailey jumps down to Earth and begins looking. He walks out of the city and into the countryside, discovering Sam.
He tries to sneak up on Sam and grab him, but Sam sees him and runs away.
Bailey’s hands chase after Sam. They go through trees, over a river and up a large mountain.
As Sam reaches the top, he sees a bright, multi-coloured bird and stops. Bailey’s hands grab him.
But then Bailey sees the bird too.
They admire the bird together. Bailey then asks if Sam would help him catch it.
Together they try to catch the bird
Then space opens up, scaring the bird away and the other spirits come out, angry and threatening.
They hold up Bailey’s birdcage and set free the pink dove.

Story By:
Josh Millard
Christopher Stern

Artwork and Animation By:
Josh Millard

Editing By:
Christopher Stern

Special Thanks to:
Dorene Baguma Stern

Special Thanks:

Josh and Chris

Christopher, Josh

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