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Lonely Ghosts

Once upon a time, a lonely girl named Isabella lived in a small town with her mother. Every day she would go through the motions of enduring school, walking home, and spending her free time alone. Until one day it was Halloween, and she decided to go trick or treating as a ghost and went inside an old house. Because of that, she met a friendly yet lonely ghost named Chloe who mistook her for a ghost. Wanting her to stay there forever, she trapped her inside. Because of that, Isabella tried to escape while spending time with the ghost, but she soon bonded with the ghost. Because of that, they have a moment of emotional intimacy, and Isabella soon admitted that she wasn’t a ghost. Upset by this, the ghost told her to leave. Until finally in that moment, Isabella decided to not abandon her friendship and apologized to the ghost and was forgiven, and Isabella helped the ghost make peace with her past. And ever since then, Isabella tried to be more outgoing and was able to make a human friend, but she never forgot her very first friend who gave her the courage to do so. The moral of the story is that friendship can come in many forms.

Thank you everyone who worked on Story Xperiental for their wisdom and for encouraging me to finally make my first storyboard.

Special Thanks:

Story Quarry


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