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Week 6, by Jiwoo :)

Act 1

Once upon a time… there was a creative girl called Stella. Every single afternoon, Stella’s parents picked her up from kindergarten, and on the way home, the whole family had “The Stroy Time”. Mom came up with sweet characters, Stella came up with breathtaking stories, and dad came up with unexpected twists. When it was Stella’s turn to do a show-and-tell. She proudly presented her exciting family tradition in front of the whole class. That afternoon, no one came to pick up Stella. And there were no more “The Stroy Time”

Every day… Stella still came up with new stories and told them to her mom with every single detail. She told her about the sweet characters, breathtaking stories, and… well, there were no twists to her stories. Stella’s mom always listened to her stories. But, just listened.

One day… Stella realized that mom had no interest in her stories.
She ran out the door and walked down the street holding her tears back.At that moment, a flyer about Lost&Found City smacked her face.

Act 2

Because of that, she remembered an old tale of a mysterious city that her dad once told her during “The Story Time”. According to her memory, it was called Lost and Found city or LFC, and it invited whoever felt lost. Usually, they could find what they need the most from the city.
So, Stella followed the map from the flyer, with the hope of finding her mom’s lost interest in LFC. When she arrived in the city, Stella encountered a pencil with her dad’s name. He introduced himself as Mr. Wright and said that he has been staying in the Lost&Found Hotel of All Things, where all lost things such as lost mail, a lost pair of socks, and a lost receipt from the world were gathered. Mr. Wright desperately wanted to reunite with Stella’s dad, to write down amazing stories with him once again. But, nothing could leave the city on its own. They must be “found” by someone. Stella promised to bring him back to her dad, only if he helps to find her mom’s interest. Mr. Wright agreed and warned her that no one can leave the city once the night falls, because it meant a permanent loss.

Because of that… they started to search for Stella’s mom’s interest in a hurry. They first headed to Lost&Found Emotion Shelter, where all lost human emotions are supposed to be. But her mom’s interest was not on the list. The only emotion that her mom has lost was her relief. Then, they moved on to the Lost&Found Library of Times and Memories because, according to Mr. Wright, that’s where most of the answers were found. The library had books about every single creature in the world, which automatically recorded every second and thought of the creature. Since there were tons of books, Stella went straight up to a librarian for help. But, Mr. Wright tried to stop her, because the librarian is “somewhat lost” He insisted that they should do this by themselves.
Yet, Stella doubted her own capability of doing the right thing on time, and instead, let the librarian look for her mom’s book.

Because of that, the librarian got super happy for being useful. Actually too happy. It started to give a full-length guide through the shelves, showing the duo bunch of times of random people. Stella tried to hurry the librarian, which didn’t work so well, and the day was fading. When they finally reached her mom’s book, Stella found out what her mom’s days look like. She understood that mom just had no energy after her long day. At that moment, Mr. Wright found out that Stella has been lying to him. She had no way to get him back to her dad since he has left the house 5 years ago. He stared at her in a betrayal and walked away. The city started to get darker, and Stella couldn’t decide what to do.

Thanks to my family, friends, and everyone from Xperiential for supporting my creative journey!

Special Thanks:



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