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Please see my submission history for act #1. :)
Also, the video may be muted when you click the play button, kindly unmute (there is sound).


LUC, KEI, AND CARL push CADENCE to ZELV's house. They ring the doorbell, and ZELV steps out.
LUC: Hi Zelv bye Zelv!
ZELV is now left alone with CADENCE.
CADENCE: Hi, I hear you’re supposed to show me around.
ZELV is shocked--everyone knows he is too nervous to be the host for newcomers! Did his friends betray him?
Anyway . . .
—Zelv teaches Cadence how to clip the zipline and go from station to station.
—Zelv shows Cadence a steep bridge.
—Zelv and Cadence cross a deep gorge/ravine/valley.

Eventually, CADENCE notices that ZELV was very scared throughout the tour.
CADENCE: Are you . . . are you scared of heights?
ZELV: Y-Yeah.
CADENCE rubs her chin, thinking to herself. She gets an idea and calls her brother over.
CADENCE: Why don’t you show my brother around?
Cadence's brother, SEDETH, does not want to be shown around at all. He rolls his eyes when ZELV makes a friendly attempt at a smile.

But ZELV has to show SEDETH around because Cadence requested, so:
—Zelv takes Sedeth on a zipline, but Sedeth is bored.
—Zelv tries to get Sedeth to taste some traditional qwertill food but Sedeth declines.
—Zelv and Sedeth are up at a high spot. Zelv is looking nervously over the side. Sedeth swats at a bug, but accidentally hits Zelv, sending him falling!



ANIMATOR'S NOTES: Sorry for poor animation quality, I am doing this all singlehandedly. It gets tiring sometimes . . .
The background music during the "tour" scenes is © me.
As the credits are not in the video (yet), please see here for credits: Luc is voiced by Prisha Bajpai. Zelv is voiced by Keeran Bala. Cadence is voiced by Eva Xu. (They are not in my team but agreed to do some of the acting.) Sedeth's sigh is voiced by me.

Thanks to Gautham, Keeran, Eva, and Prisha, who had no idea what they had volunteered their voice acting for but did it anyway. A special thanks to Rithika, who mastered the deep-voiced Kei and was rather excited to see the final film and what characters I would play.
You can find all these people in the credits for voice acting. :)

Special Thanks:

One Independent Sith Lord


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