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Meet Bailey - The 5 dimensional Spirit

Meet Bailey. At first glance he looks just like any 5 dimensional being with his thin worm-like body, multiple arms and works the normal spirit job: controlling the life of a human. But if you look closer you can see that he’s younger than the others and is often distracted. On the inside he is smart and curious about various items on Earth like books, coffee and birds. He is bored by work and is inattentive to his human, instead daydreams, spending his time drawing and writing about the birds he sees and loves. What he wants most is to be able to birdwatch. He would love to have time to himself to build a birdhouse that will attract all the birds in the world to it. What stops him from getting this is that Bailey’s human often ends up in places he shouldn't, ruining other people’s lives and making the other spirits mad at him for making their jobs more difficult. They push him to pay attention to his human. Even when he has free time, Bailey ends up getting distracted and it’s unclear whether the birdhouse idea is one of these distractions or his true passion. Finally, after years of being pulled through life, Bailey’s human escapes control forcing Bailey to have to go find him. What Bailey needs to learn is that the true job of a spirit is not to fully control their human but rather to guide them. To do this, Bailey must learn to be curious about their human’s life and to understand their choices so he can be ready to help when needed.

Story By:
Josh Millard
Christopher Stern

Artwork and Animation By:
Josh Millard

Editing By:
Christopher Stern

Special Thanks to:
Dorene Baguma Stern

Special Thanks:

Josh and Chris

Christopher, Josh

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