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sounds like a mental health issue is going on here. The struggles of providing always being the fire that makes us all keep going is very relatable. I like that he gets stuck in this alternative world where everything has changed and become scary. I would continue down that paht with him the whole story until he finally lets go and realises his family love him and no matter what he dose everything will be okay. love wins all.



Hello Team: Squinch Creative, this is Colin Cameron from Team: Bro HamCam. I love how this has progressed! I checked out this story last week and this obliterated my initial story expectations that I had for this character. I think that this is very powerful and I am getting the sense that these past traumas are much harder for Luis to face than a normal boxing fight with another human being whether or not that is an actual possibility in Luis's world. Nothing is confusing or unclear to me, nor can I suggest anything else! Great job!



Very cool concept and I like the drawing you have here. I wonder if he's free because the demon now inhabits his opponent or if the demon is free standing to fight him on its own terms. I like the physical manifestation of an internal battle.



Nice job with capturing the darkness in the entity and creating energy with the white squiggly lines. It will be interesting to see what other forms this demon takes, as this one has a militaristic character to it.


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Luis faces his demon during a fight

Luis is a semi-pro boxer. During a title match after 2 rounds against his opponent, a darkness rolls in and takes over his reality. Heavy smoke envelops his opponent and everything around them fades away. What stands before him is a hateful demon that taunts him and makes him relive the past he's wanted to escape. He must finish the fight to provide for his family and learn to overcome the manifestations of his trauma. The demon follows Luis and charges appearance based on what Luis has experienced and what he fears.

Special thanks to my beautiful partner and gf Katie Gibbons for doing all the illustrations and providing her voice.

Thanks to my friends and family for the various voices

Special Thanks:

Squinch Creative

Emmanuel, Katie

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