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  • What suggestions do you have to make it stronger?


I really like the first idea. Of course it has been done many times before but I genuinely feel like there is potential to create a new story especially because the existing ones are pretty similar to each other. I feel like that if you turned the existing stories on their head it could be pretty interesting.



The first one makes us think about the matrix movie with Keanu Reeves.

The second one was pretty cool too. Things that the second one made us think about more:
1. What if there's bugs crawling in there
2. Do you eat the popcorn
3. How maintain it ? Like do you have to pop more popcorn ?



I like the one about the roads.
I wonder what the wrong turn would do to you to ruin your life.
Would you have stoplights on the roads.



I love these what-ifs. I really like the first one though. Is it like something kind of like Ready Player One but more of living instead of like video games? I really love the possibilities one might have for that what-if. I would like to understand how that would work too. the fact that people are kind of doing that too makes if seem like a possibility in real life so there's that aspect of that as well. Either way, I love of them.


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