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The idea of the Grim Reaper being your boss is both hilarious and terrifying. I can imagine him just being there doing paperwork in a suit and tie, but messing up could be a lethal mistake for you xd



I like you first idea it has a lot of potential for a cool story.



I like your second idea and the drawing, what kind of job/work would you be doing for the grim reaper? I feel like it’s a really versatile idea that you could take in a lot of different directions. Also I love how you drew the Grimm reaper at a desk with books and a mug, wearing a tie, he looks so done with everything



I found your first idea about the chess figures super intriguing because I think that it has the potential for a lot of cool character dynamics! It makes me wonder about who is controlling the game -- will the players be just ordinary people, or will the pieces see them as some higher power? I think you had a pretty clear storyline, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with :)



I. love the idea of the Grim Reaper being your boss. I think if you get inspiration from Hades from Disney's Hercules you can write a comical short.



The first two ideas were big favorites of mine (even out of the other videos I've seen), the Grim Reaper one being a close number one. It makes me wonder what kind of job am I doing, is he a nice boss, and how death works if the Grim Reaper is busy running a business. I guess my main wondering would be if it was one of those "death is a hilarious corporate slog" type stories or "you got a cool gig working under the Grim Reaper!" deals instead.

PS: your voice sounds nice. not too high, not too low, intonations feel natural.


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what if (tm)

what if i had a voice that sounded good?

Maddy Thorson, Lena Raine, and the other people that made Celeste. I know it's kind of stupid to credit people who made a video game for inspiring me, but it really did a lot to get my thoughts flowing and I can't give them enough credit for how much their game impacted me creatively overall.

Special Thanks:



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