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Cora and the Hourglass

Once upon a time there was a girl named Cora Timekeeper. She is a shy but expressive girl and has 5 friends, Lucy, Beatrice, Windy, Julia, and Kaya. Everyday she has the same routine of going to middle school and hanging out with her friends. Everyday she was happy and hung out with them.

Until one day, when she was walking to school, Cora noticed that her friends were with another person.
“Morning guys!” Cora greeted them. Her friends all then crowded her. “Morning Cora!” They say in unison.
They then introduced the girl whose name is Courtney Shortina, a new student from the other side of town.
Cora didn’t think much of it that day, although the next couple of days, Cora had noticed that she was becoming more and more distant from her friends. The spot where they usually meet up, they were not there. Even between classes and lunch they had sat somewhere else.
When she finally saw her friends they all stood in a circle around a person. In the middle was Courtney, who then had seen Cora in the distance and smirked.
Coras blood starts to boil.

Enraged after the last class she stomped over to Courtney who was relaxed against one of the lockers.
“Courtney!” Cora shouts. “I know exactly what you did,” she spat.
“What do you mean?”Courtney had replied.
“Stop playing this game!”
“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Courtney says, a small smirk forming.
Cora slaps right against Courtneys cheek.
Gasps in the background are heard.
Courtneys eyes widened. Cora then snapped out of it and realized that people were watching them. Tears started to trickle down Courtney's face, but Cora could easily see how it was all just fake tears.
Then stepping in front of all the crowd was her friends, all looking disappointed and shocked at her.
They all stare at each other until one of the friends shakes her head at Cora and beckons Courtney to them.
They all then walk away with Courtney who still had her hand of the slap mark across her cheek.
People start looking at Cora weirdly and meanly.
Before anyone could say anything, Cora ran home.

She slammed the front door shut, tears were streaming down while she ran down the hallway. She kept heading straight down until she almost tripped on the stairs leading to the basement. She opened and slammed the basement door, it shook the room. She then curled up in a corner, leaning against some boxes.
Just then one of the boxes topples over and Cora notices an hourglass. It was golden and had gold rims. There were also some other books in the box.

She grabs a less dusty book that reads How to Time Travel. She flips through the pages and discovers that there were instructions on how to use the hourglass.
‘Twist the top of the hourglass then turn it upside down so all the sand is above’ it read.
Cora did exactly that.

Because of that the light engulfs her surroundings making it blind her.
As she blinks her eyes, she looks around her and sees her in the school hallway.
She had made it back to the moments before she confronted Courtney.
Almost immediately Cora turned the opposite direction from where Courtney was and just left for home.
Another flash of light and she was back to her basement. She smiled. Although when she walked to school, everyone still gave her side glances and were whispering one to another.
When she went to her friends they were also glancing at her, while Courtney was whispering something to one of her friends ears.

She runs to a nearby classroom and pulls out the hourglass from her backpack.
She then time travels back again to the same time before. This time she tried to tell her friends about Courtney and how evil she really is. Although they don’t believe her and just think she’s crazy but listen to her, once she went back to the original time, they had started avoiding her and made fun of her because they thought she was crazy.
She tried again. This time she confronts Courtney in an empty classroom.
She gets back to original time and someone had recorded her with Courtney and then the rumors spread onto the internet.

It was already her 50th try and everything only got worse.

The 49th time she almost got suspended, the 50th time she tried confronting Courtney in a different way but she ended up saying something that resulted with everyone laughing at her getting Cora humiliated instead.
After being humiliated Cora slowly walks home thinking.

She went back to the corner of the basement and sat down. She looks at the hourglass and then the How to Time Travel book. She then finally saw another book in the box she originally found the hourglass. It read, ‘diary’.
As she read it, it showed all her ancestors' thoughts of the hourglass how they did the same thing to undo something they did wrong to make things better. Although all of them had said it had never worked out.
That’s when it clicked with Cora.

She twists the hourglass and the light flashes again, and Cora gets up for the next day of school. When she got there she went straight to Courtney.
Cora had then apologized for slapping Courtney. Courtney was taken back from the apology but then admitted that she was jealous of Cora and how she was her.
The two then smiled and shook hands.

In the end, Cora had now stopped going back to the past and by becoming better friends with Courtney, her other friends were happy with it.

Special Thanks:


Adinnah, Ella, Samantha

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