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Does Ethan live in a city or in a rural area? I feel like this would affect how many farmers there are/how important the farmers are in the area in which Ethan lives. I love the cliffhanger at the end, however, I don't feel like Pixar would include a story in which the villains win in the end, and the main character never accomplishes their goal after all of the buildups. Overall, however, I love this story. The mystery-solving plotline makes for a very engaging movie.



This story is amazing. First, this is the best example of auditory storytelling I have seen thus far, using sounds to augment the story without overpowering it. The narration is pretty clear, though moving away from the mic a bit and upping the gain or a wind screen of some kind could help with some of the breath and mouth noises that get through. Unless the ASMR thing is your stylistic intent, in which case, right on. The music in the background is perfect for both the vibe and is mixed perfectly. I like that they illustration style doesn't have to be complicated and I think the sketch style really adds to the humor of it all. I also love the deadpan delivery of everything and I think it makes it hilarious. I think it could be improved with a bit more fleshing out of characters and setting beforehand, but honestly its simplicity might be what makes it. Overall, this is amazing.



I really like the story and I like the way it was made



The story telling was realy great loved it


Sophia Rose Imelda

Hilarious concept! Love this, especially the unexpected turn of events. The audio could be improved on, but other than that, great video



I love this!!! The art is amazing and the story is hilarious!! The sound effects and background music are great too! Some of them are a bit too loud but otherwise good!!!



I like your story line, and I understand that he is trying to solve a mystery, but I would like to see more of his backstory next time. I love the music and sound affects! Nice job!


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