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At Home with Maria

Maria’s world involves cooking, cleaning, working, appointments, driving kids places, household tasks etc. … all the things that come with being a mom. In doing all these things, she rarely has time for herself.

Maria gives everything to her family to nourish them and help their dreams come true. But, Maria's giving nature belies an unfulfilled past, while Selena, her daughter, has an uncertain future. Maria and her daughter swap childhoods, where both will see each others disappointments from a different perspective that helps them each forge a new path forward.

Thank you to:
Pixar and all of the amazing Pixar artists that offered their time and knowledge. I will always be inspired by their work, remembering their wonderful lessons and continuing to use the skills and tips they taught in my future artwork.

My fellow classmates for their helpful feedback in developing my final story reel and showing their fabulous work.

X in a Box for putting this learning platform together and hosting.

My family for inspiring me and allowing me the time to work on this project.

My mom for teaching me there is no such thing as failure, only opportunities.

Special Thanks:

Creative Gophers


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