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Broken Dreams Act 1 & 2 (M & S swap)

Once upon a time there was mom, Maria and daughter Selena leading busy lives, trying to move forward with their ambitions. Selena wants to play volleyball in college, and Maria wants to see her kid’s dream come true, supporting her family and hopefully saving them from pain.

Every day was filled with work for Maria, household stuff and shuttling Selena around. Selena’s day was filled with school and volleyball. Maria secretly worried about Selena’s singular focus on volleyball as her own childhood dream of ice skating fell through. This left a void that was never really filled. But Selena forged ahead with determination to achieve her goal.

One day, Selena hurt her arm playing and had to stop playing, volleyball permanently.

Because of that, Maria and Selena were sitting around talking about what to do next, while cleaning up volleyball items and looking at scrapbook pictures.

As the were looking, a couple of pictures fell out of the album of Maria ice skating as a kid and Selena playing volleyball. Both reached for the fallen pictures and the moment they both grasped the pictures together they found themselves being transported to each other’s world.

Because of that Maria and Selena experienced each other’s disappointment in not being able to fulfill their athletic dream or being saved from pain.

Until finally Selena understood that her mom forged ahead despite disappointment and Maria realized that while dedication is good, you can miss out on some pretty great opportunities.

Act 1 hasn't been fixed and Act 2 isn't quite done due to time constraints, but thought I would upload anyway.

Thank you to:
Pixar and all of the amazing Pixar artists that offered their time and knowledge. I will always be inspired by their work, remembering their wonderful lessons and continuing to use the skills and tips they taught in my future artwork.

My fellow classmates for their helpful feedback in developing my final story reel and showing their fabulous work.

X in a Box for putting this learning platform together and hosting.

My family for inspiring me and allowing me the time to work on this project.

My mom for teaching me there is no such thing as failure, only opportunities.

Special Thanks:

Creative Gophers


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