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Please provide final feedback to the creators of this submission below:​

  • What did you like or love about this submission?

  • What did you find confusing or unclear?

  • What suggestions do you have to make it stronger?


I like how much detail you already have for the plot and characters! The idea of an alien scared of heights in a world where ziplining is common is really interesting to me. The only thing that was unclear to me was how Cadence might teach him to face his fears. I was also wondering about what the relationship between humans and aliens would be.



I like most about this character the visual design. I don't find anything confusing. I don't have any suggestions.



Good story, it would be better if you made the video longer so the viewers can read it.


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2) What you think about this submission:​

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Week #2 Character Profiles

NOTE: I do not have a working microphone, so I did not read my ideas aloud. I included text boxes of what I would have said, though. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks to Gautham, Keeran, Eva, and Prisha, who had no idea what they had volunteered their voice acting for but did it anyway. A special thanks to Rithika, who mastered the deep-voiced Kei and was rather excited to see the final film and what characters I would play.
You can find all these people in the credits for voice acting. :)

Special Thanks:

One Independent Sith Lord


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