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thank you for your valuable time to add closed captions. your full story is fantasy and very interested.



Wow this is a very creative and very original type of story. I found it very interesting as I wasn't sure what would happen next. I was wondering if there could be a way that the parents regained their curiosity at the end, after having given it up before. It probably could be trimmed down a little bit, but I really enjoyed your story overall. Very nice work!



Wow, I love your story! I really think it is beautiful how the Colossi have compassion and care for humans (I especially like the design of the Colossi). I would love to see the choice behind the Colossi turning into mountains, was there an outside force that they wanted to protect the humans from? I thought it was a great twist when it turned out that Leo has a piece of the Colossi's heart within him, that backstory really added to the parent's reasoning for wanting to keep him safe. I think what could make that part even stronger was if the mountain didn't accept any other visitors, but since Leo is connected with the mountain, the Colossi recognize who he is and ensures that he is safe. I loved that angle of the mountain having a human-like face! The only other suggestion I would have is to maybe add a reasoning to the parents becoming tourist guide leaders. Perhaps it is because they hoped they would run into Leo someday? I thought it was so heartwarming how they kept record of his achievements. This is just an idea, but it might be cool to hear a deep Colossi voice saying "thank you," after Leo sacrifices himself to save the heart. Overall, I absolutely enjoyed your story and your wonderfully drawn storyboards :-)!



I love your story and how it followed the story spine structure. However I believe there is a missing part which is the moral of the story. Looking forward to see how this might sound with some story audio in it.



I think this is great ... I do think you have a few places you might be able to cut. I can't wait to see this with a little music and sound effect.


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Leo´s Story

This is the story of an explorer who found himself.

Special thanks to:
Andrea, Simon, Manuela, Nicolas, Simon & Luz

Special Thanks:

The Real Madrigals

Mauricio , Thiam, Tomas, Yenny

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