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Very intriguing story. And well told I might add. I seem to have a recurring fascination with dinosaurs as well. Raptors are my species. In my story reel I've included a best friend robot raptor, Ziggy. Your illustration style is clear and concise. Keep up the good work.



I like your idea of psychic dinosaurs from the past coming to the present, it is really quirky and original. What confuses me is whether all the dinosaurs are psychic or if it’s just Rex. It seems like at the end they’re all coexisting like sentient creatures rather than brute animals. I also think it would make more sense for them to be herbivores rather than carnivores. T Rex is clearly not made to eat grass, so something like a brontosaurus might be a better fit.
The way you made your boards with different line art is a clever way to avoid lots of drawing, well done. I hope the rest of the project goes well for you.



Rex is a great character! I love their sense of adventure. I think it’s fun that Rex convinced his friends to go on the bird. The illustrations of the dinosaur are great. I’m confused about why the 2nd town meeting was concluded without a decision? Where did the dinosaurs go after that 2nd town meeting? How did the people find them to spy on them??


Kim (1 like)

Hi! I love dinosaurs and I love that the story is told from their point of view rather than the humans who are afraid of them. It's like the opposite of a Godzilla movie, I love that! (I also sense you have experience with unproductive meetings, haha) I guess my one confusion is how the meat eating dinosaurs are now plant eaters. Maybe that transition happened on the spaceship as they realized they have to adapt to survive? Other than that, your story makes sense and was entertaining. : )


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