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I really liked the play on a childhood imagination with the raindrops, and I really appreciated the idea of having photos disappearing with an expiration date. One of the things it makes me wonder is how much information about the past we would have lost without the pictures of the past. would we focus more on physical objects or works of art to tell history? I am curious to see if this only applied to photos that were taken or if it would apply to art or written works as well.



Wow , the second idea makes me think a lot about our society and history with that kind of photos. i love the idea and i wonder if that happens with al types of photos?, analoge, digital,form camera, from phone? and what`s makes them ephemeral?



All three are great ideas! I love the idea of reincarnation because it makes you see life from another perspective and how dangerous it is to belong to a society where beings are very small and live in constant danger. But how does it become an ant? Come back later human? I like the idea of making others aware of respect for other species, even if they are tiny. Go ahead!



All cool, but I like the idea of the rain drops the most.
Very excited to see how that full world develops of rain drop racers.
What happens to the world when the rain is over or sun comes out?



Hi, I think these are very good ideas, I like all three of them.
I think the third one can be visually very interesting, it makes me think about how all organisms feel and observe differently. I think it can be a very interesting way to see the cycle of life and generate empathy with all beings.
As I am from Colombia, I think it is important that the victimizers put themselves in the role of the victims to understand their lives and generate a true peace.
what is not clear to me and i think it can be developed is how the reincarnations would be shown? it would be a circular story and at some point we would go back to the beginning seeing what our protagonist learned by being more empathetic?
very good job.



My favorite is, what if we turn into the creatures that we harm. It makes me wonder about how we take life for granted. Especially, with war brewing in the world. The idea of ultimately becoming the pain you inflict on others feels like a powerful premise. What is unclear is to me why or how the transformation occurs. Is it a punishment on one person? Is it a plague that humans much endure?



Hey! Great ideas. Simple by sentence, but especially the second one pierced hard.
I like that one. As someone who is obsessed with saving memories for the sake of keeping myself in the here and now and not wander off to "Some time this all will be gone"- Existential crises Anxiety hell, having pictures that expire would be devastating! But on the other hand I love the Angst aspect this "What if..." gives me. I believe you could build up a dramatic sad love/ friendship story/ slice of life plot. Followed by a plot twist or a lesson. If you know the movie "click" then you might be able to grasp my thought better. This movie caught me off guard for sure!
I'm wondering how it affects the people within the plot. Maybe not all of 'em are as pessimistic and might even be happy that they don't have to make sure themselves to clear off their sdcard!


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