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  • What did you like or love about this submission?

  • What did you find confusing or unclear?

  • What suggestions do you have to make it stronger?


I love how the first art style is really simple but the emotions are conveyed really clearly and the colours are beautiful too. I also love the second art style, it’s so different but has a Cartoon Network vibe about it and has more details about the world of the story. I’m wondering what the connection is between the characters and what role the witches play in the story. Perhaps you could try and convey why one of the characters is upset - is their friend leaving, are they stopping them from going somewhere?



The colors are great! I love how you used the texture, is super cute!
Would be great to have a little more contrast, just to "dramatize" the moment.



ACK—the lighting—the texture—the art style—the character design—the concept—HCKKk—absolutely immaculate (if you use Procreate, might I know what brush you use?). This isn’t my first time here, so you already know that I’m absolutely in love with your ideas, but I continue to fall deeper yet.

Anyways, a few questions. Since there’s the station and everything, is it safe to assume that this story takes place in the modern age? Industrial Revolution? I guess train station’s’ve been around for a while. Are all people witches in this world? Is this a magical station that’s separate from the rest of the world—all Platform Nine and Three-Quarters-like? What DID happen to the star they lost? Is it stuck in a tree, like that second picture is leading me to believe? What’ll happen if they can’t find it? If stars are sentient, are the sun and moon sentient as well? Does the moon descend to help lift the stars into the night sky? Are there multiple star-lighting ceremonies around the world, or is there only one? What time of the year does the ceremony take place? Is there a narrow window to perform the ceremony, or is it not actually that time-sensitive?

I want to see more of THIS. Exactly this. That first picture perfectly captures the subtle mood and quiet ambience that I adore—the gentle magic within the mundane and the ordinary—the splendor of a sunset painted onto the world around you. Mm. Love it. Now, I do love my crazy antics as well, but keep some room for silence.

Yeah, man—I’m really looking forward to it, now more than ever.



Beautiful drawings! I really love the use of color and light in the first one. The sunset gives off a somber tone, especially with the blues you threw in there. I also like how it looks like we are peering around the corner, making us feel like we are watching something private. I'm excited to see how you guys build this world of witches. If they have broomsticks what's the point of the train station? Where does it lead? Great work!!!



Your guys' use of color is stellar! I also love the use of the different planes to illustrate the world your characters are interacting with. It makes the story feel more alive and immersive. Can't wait to see more from you guys!



Beautiful Illustration! Short description, that yet tells you all the necessary informations going along with that masterpiece. I'm instantly getting emotionally invested.

You get the feeling of the presumed time. They must have been searching for their child the whole day until sunset hit. Only a few people in the view, making me wonder if this takes place at a rather small town with only a few platforms.
There's nothing that I would be unclear about. They're crying, the emotion is set, the colours are warm yet the setting gives you the feeling of cold isolation or loneliness.

No suggestion. Great Job!! Chapeau!
Can't wait to see more from you.



I like how you took advantage of a train station's line based architecture to send the viewer's eyes toward the two main characters. The inclusion of color is nice and I can definitely see a style being made that would make a beautiful animated short. Nothing seems unclear on what is happening. I would suggest that there be more details on the platform. Like usually there are benches or trashcans. Just to make the train platform feel more lived in.



Wow, I think this looks awesome! I like how you made it so the characters have a triangle shape, their design is really memorable. Also I love the lighting of the scene, the warm sunset colors indicate that the characters have been likely looking for their child all day. There were no unclear points for me, the expressions of the characters are well executed (frustration mixed with sadness, countered by a stable friend). If I were to add one minor suggestion, maybe add one or two background characters next to the main characters? I am under the impression that this is a train station scene, and there could be people waiting for the train or walking away from it. I think your illustration is so well done, and I am really excited to see more of this story :-)!


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can't find their child rip :'(

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