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Week 2, by Jiwoo :)

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Hi, my name is Stella!

I have fluffy blonde hair with star highlights on! My mom says that all my imaginations come from this fluffy cloud-like hair. Usually, I have my smiles on so that I can fit in. I like telling stories to people, which I have written down with my “lucky pencil”.

Actually, my Dad gave it to me before he left us, but I guess we can talk about that later. Anyways, it is the only pencil with which I can organize my thoughts.
Without it, I can’t even write a single word. ​ ​

On the inside, I always have some anxiety about:
1) making wrong choices
2) How my friends may leave me
3) The idea that my mom does not truly love me
(she seems to be sooo busy all the time!)

I want to win this year’s Okayville Writing Competition so that I can take a step closer to my dream of becoming a REAL writer.

BUT, I have a little problem with my perfect plan, which is....

Btw, I doooo need to learn how to make choices.
I always depend on someone/something to make THE RIGHT choice for me.

Music by: Monkeybgm

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