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Lux Week 6

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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Lux. He lived in a village where people have the ability to glow.
Everyday, he lives out the life of normal child. And he tries to keep the village safe from the umbra creatures.
But one day, despite being a child, he decides to help around the village, with his homemade gadgets.
This catches the attention one of the officers. The officers are some of the older members of the village and as times change, the old way is becoming much harder to solve problems. One of the officers doesn't know how to help with some of the issues/deal with some of the umbra creatres.
Because of that, Lux's gadgets become highly used/popular. And Lux becomes more confident in his building abilities.
Because of that, his mother becomes even prouder with him, however with his gadgets in high demand, he gets burned out.
Because of that, he fails to keep up with demands and becomes an umbra creature himself.

Mila White and Erik Luis
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