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Jett's Story Spine - When Home Runs Away

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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jett and his pet—a gust of wind named Churi.

Every day, Jett and Churi would shepherd the hills, keeping them calm and safe.

It was a bore, though, and Jett found himself dreaming of getting away to see the world.

Until one day, Jett formed a plan to run away from home—and in the process, home ran away from him!

Because of that, Jett felt guilty and homesick, so he and Churi set out to bring home back!

Because of that, Jett discovers the difficulties of finding and bringing “home” home.

Because of that, Jett feels remorseful at the way “home” was changing, and so he made a plan to trap all of the hills together so they can never leave. He wanted “home” to stay the same.

Until finally, the landscape all became so angry with each other that their anger threatened to destroy everything! Jett knew the only way to protect his home was to help them escape so that they could live in peace.

Ever since that day, the hills lived where they wanted, and Jett would visit his family wherever they lived as he traveled the world.

The moral of the story is: Home changes. Family changes. You can’t keep them from changing, but you can always love them for who and what they were then as well as who and what they are now.

Destry Cloud
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