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Act 1 Storyreel

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Once upon a time, there was a firefly named fynn who lived at a park with his friends and family. At this park, Fynn is known to be quite kind hearted amongst his fellow fireflies. He’s always helping his parents and if he’s not doing that, then he’d be hanging out with his childhood bestie, Ryder. Although there’s a bunch of other bugs at the park, Fynn has never really interacted with them before. But that fact never bothered him since he was content w his current lifestyle.
Everyday the fireflies would sleep under the tall grass during daylight and at night they would all rise from the grass to dance and frolic with each other. However, instead of joining the other fireflies to dance, most of the time Fynn and Ryder would go up to the tallest tree at the park and star gaze. This is what Fynn waited for every night, especially when the moon was full.
Until one night, while all the fireflies were out, Fynn and his parents unexpectedly got snatched by a little girl who was catching fireflies and taking them to her mamas house. Ryder and a bunch of other fireflies tried to follow the little girl and figure out a plan to get the 3 back. But the little girl was too fast for their tiny bug wings. Fynn stayed awake the whole journey, watching from the inside of the jar as he and his parents got farther and farther from home. Maybe, he thought, if he can memorize the way back home he can successfully make it back with his parents.

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