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See How This Greek God Tried and Failed to Make A Legend For Himself

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I felt like I wasn't really getting anywhere with the story I've been working on these past few weeks, so I used another What If idea I had. I couldn't record sound for this, but there wasn't meant to be much speaking in this storyreel anyway except for that scene at the end in which the man in the magician's dream reveals himself to be Morpheus, God of Dreams. He tells them about how he gave them the gift of magic because it's been his lifelong dream to give something to humanity. The magician, though, had been abusing their power in attempts to prove to the world that magic is real. Morpheus, feeling responsible for this, offers the magician a gift of their choice as an apology. They simply ask for their magic to be removed, so that they can't do any more harm. Morpheus agrees, and the next morning, they can't levitate their cup of coffee like they did after the first dream. I also forgot to add the bit that mentioned that there's a two year gap between the frame where the coffee cup breaks and the second dream. Thanks for watching!

The Lime Dimes
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