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Searching for Sunlight

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A lonely Alien sent to Area 51 joins other extra terrestrials on an escape mission out of the ruthless base.

Act I: Fuga is captured after a crash landing while en route to the sun and sent to a secret base in Japan. Fugas blood has a rare ability to reverse the effects of death. He meets another alien who informs him that he will soon be sent to a new location called area 51, located in the USA. Just before the alien dies, he gives Fuga a standard flash drive with specific instructions. Give to Roswell.

Act II: Upon entering Area 51, Fuga meets, and builds a connection with Holly, a blind human scientist. Holly takes Fuga to meet Roswell, the first alien captured on Earth. With the flash drive, Roswell is able to connect with his Army in space and an escape plan is set in motion. He introduces Fuga to other aliens a part of the plan.

Act III: The Escape Plan goes awry, turns out Roswell has secretly been planning a double-cross. He intends to destroy Earth and steal Fuga for his blood. Most of the Aliens escape, but Fuga and Holly are killed in the battle, Fuga sacrifices the rest of his blood to revive Holly, while the sun rises.

Bro HamCam
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