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A girl who got cursed to cause an earthquake everytime she speaks

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Once upon a time…there was a very talkative girl named Terra.
Terra would talk to her neighbor ally on the way to and from school.
Terra always found it easy to talk to people since she was young.
Every day…she would talk to her friends,her family and everyone she met.
Whenever Terra could she would call her aunt or visit her on the weekends.
Terra calls her cousin Daisy everyday after school.
But one day…On Terra's 14th brithday party Terra’s aunt cursed Terra so that whenever she spoke she would cause an earthquake.
Terra ran to her favorite meadow and stayed there for a few hours.
Terra's aunt found a book that talk about a flower that could curse people so she used it to curse Terra.
Because of that…Terra stopped talking.
Terra tried to talk a few times but everytime she did she caused an earthquake.
Terra stopped visiting her aunt and stopped calling her cousin Daisy.
Because of that…Terras friends kept leaving her out of things.
Terra's friends were used to Terra talking all the time so when she stopped they didn't notice she was around.
Ally tried to talk to Terra and include her the best she could.
Because of that…Terra felt like something was missing when she couldn't talk.
Terra's parents spent days trying to find a way to break the curse but had no luck.
Terra's sister jade tried to cheer Terra up the best she could.
A new girl named Cindy joined Terra's school and tried to be terra’s friend.
Until finally…a year later Cindy broke terra’s curse.
When Terra and Cindy became friends Cindy told Terra she was a witch and could break Terra's curse after Cindy did some research.
During this time Terra's aunt moved.
Ever since that day…Terra tried not to talk all the time and pay attention to if someone was getting annoyed with her.
Cindy told Terra that the person who cursed Terra probably got annoyed with Terra talking.
Cindy and Terra tried to figure out who cursed Terra but had no luck.
The moral of the story is…it's okay to be talkative just try to know that not everyone wants to listen all the time.

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