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[The aerotaxi docks on the bridge, and Cadence the human steps out]
KEI: A newcomer.
LUC: Let's introduce her to our village!
KEI: Nah, just make Zelv do it.
LUC: Zelv? He’s too scared to come out of his own house, in case he steps out and falls to his doom! And who can blame him? Us qwertills live too high. That’s why we have to zipline everywhere. Here, watch me throw this extremely dangerous grenade off the bridge.
[Luc throws the grenade. It takes a long time to fall and for them to hear the explosion, implying that the height at which the qwertills live is quite high]
LUC: Case closed.
[Kei and Carl blink.]
KEI: Well, are YOU going to introduce the human lady to our village?
LUC: No.
KEI: Then Zelv should. What do you think, Carl? [Carl thinks then replies.]
CARL: Yeahhhhhh!
[Kei smiles.]
KEI: Come on!
Credits for voices will be included in the final video. For now, feel free to look here. Kei is voiced by Rithu Anand. Luc is voiced by Prisha Bajpai. Carl is voiced by me. IMPORTANT: These people are NOT part of my team (I am a solo worker) but they agreed to voice roles.

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