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Farron in the Valley: Act 1 & 2 Storyreel

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Once upon a time, there was a young adult named Farron who liked to explore and try new things. But Farron was stuck in a community that valued conformity and security.
Minor beat: Brief history of why mountains are only habitable.
Minor beat: To go down from the mountain one must wear a mask.
Minor beat: It is best to survive up in the mountain and retain our strength by eating two potatoes.

Act 2:
Farron accidentally tumbles down the mountain while they are descending to the valley… Because of that, their mask falls off.
minor beat: Farron breathes in the humid air, which tastes different than the air in the mountain. They hurriedly grab the mask, which is broken.
minor beat: Farron worries (panics?) that they will not survive without a functioning mask.
Because of that, Farron wanders down with a morose attitude, thinking that their life is possibly over.
minor beat: Farron sees a watering hole and goes to get a drink (it doesn’t matter if it might be toxic, Farron is already exposed)
minor beat: Farron is surprised to see another character at the watering hole, and they meet Avar, who is not wearing a mask.
Avar tells Farron that the valley is safe now, not toxic anymore.
Because of that, Avar leads Farron to the Valley community
minor beat: The village in the valley is full of diverse characters in colorful clothing and smells very good with many different foods.
minor beat: Farron is thrilled to know that they are safe and that they’ve stumbled upon more types of food.
minor beat: The village offers a huge feast for Farron that night and they share stories of wayward travelers. The village doesn’t have potatoes, and they are eager to get some from where Farron is from.
minor beat: Farron wants to bring back this knowledge to the mountain and trade their potatoes with the village’s other food.

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