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Axel the Kangaroo

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This is a story about a kangaroo named Axel, who lives in a colony of kangaroos where only the strong survive. One day, he breaks his leg in a fight with the leader of the group and is forced to survive in the desert until he meets a group of disabled kangaroos. They take him in and give him a pair of crutches, and help him to get back on his feet. He wishes to go back to his old colony though and so rushes to get better quick so he can leave. Then one night dingoes attack the group and Axel nearly gets himself killed in a reckless attempt to take them on. Baxter, the doctor of the kangaroos rescues him, but he's angry at Axel for taking an unnecessary risk. Axel leaves the next morning and goes back to his old colony and talks with Tony about being let back in to the group. Tony says he has to prove himself by fighting another kangaroo to rejoin or else he can't stay. Axel almost loses, but by using his crutches as a weapon he beats the other kangaroo. But seeing how they drag him out like he was dragged out before, he decides he no longer wants to stay with this colony of kangaroos and goes with the one kangaroo and leads them back to the colony of broken kangaroos, where they are able to rely on each other for their strength instead of fighting everyone to prove they're the strongest.

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