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Aspens Story Spine

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Once upon a time there was a small balloon girl [her body is made out of plastic, in the shape of a balloon!] named Aspen that lived inside a huge balloon. Everyday, Aspen would go to the edge of the balloon and try to pop it, because she wanted to explore the outside world but it never worked. Because she was so focused on exploring the outside, she didn’t focus on her school work or interacting with her friends. Until one day, she heard a rumor that there was someone in her world that knew how to pop the balloon. Because of that Aspen immediately rushes to the place rumored to house the person who knows how to pop the balloon. Because of that, she knocks on the door and gets greeted by an old balloon man that looks like a wizard of sorts. He brings her inside and they have a discussion. Because of that, Aspen realizes that if she wants to pop the balloon, she has to break into the museum and break the most treasured artifact of her world and the one that’s keeping her world safe from humans… a glass balloon. There, Aspen slowly realizes that everything comes at a price and she’s stuck at a decision where she has no idea what to do. Until finally, Aspen is reminded of all the happy memories she had with her friends and neighbors before she got obsessed with popping the balloon, and decides not to destroy the glass balloon, and not take the risk of endangering her friends. And ever since then, she’s been more attentive to her friends' needs, not just her wants. Aspen continues skipping around town, this time, lighting up the place and filling the area with joy! The moral of the story is to live in the present, not to continue thinking about the future.

Ava T. :)
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