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Lost in translation

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Once upon a time there was a girl named Naila who moved with her parents to a new country where she didn’t speak the language. Every day she went to the beach and thought about how much she missed her friends back home. Until one day she walked down the beach and heard a beautiful sound. She followed the sound to a hidden tide pool and discovered a beautiful shell with a song inside.
Because of that, she wants to call her friends and tell them about her discovery. She calls them but they don’t answer, so she leaves them a message and walks back down the beach alone. As she passes by, another girl also hears the shell.
Because of that, she comes to see what it is. She marvels at the shell along with Naila, and tries to talk with her, but Naila struggles to speak. Naila gets frustrated and isn’t able to talk with this new girl the way she wishes she could. The other girl has to go home, and Naila feels like she’s failed.
Because of that, Naila feels defeated and storms off the beach, not noticing that the shell has fallen out of her bag. She gets home and realizes it’s missing. She panics and wants to go back for the shell, but it’s too dark out so she has to wait till morning. Early the next day, she runs back to the beach to get her shell. She is dismayed to discover that someone else is already there and has beat her to it: they have her shell.

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