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Wolf and Dragon- Act 1- Kayla Stith

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Once upon a time, a mother dragon tried to fend off a pack of smilodons in order to save her clutch of eggs. Outnumbered, she grabs her eggs and makes a way towards the cave entrance. —As she begins to fly away, one of the smilodons leaps into the air and sinks his claws into her leg. Causing one of the eggs to slip and fall out of her grasp as she tries to throw him off. —The struggle causes the smilodon to come plummeting soon after. Unable to see where her egg fell, the mother dragon assumes the worst and flies off with her remaining clutch, heartbroken. Miraculously, the egg falls gently into the dense jungle below. The smilodon falls, not so gently. Hitting everything on the way down then slinking off into the distance. —The egg rolls near the den of a lone wolf named Lobo. The egg soon hatches and immediately takes a liking to him. Having no family of his own, Lobo, decides to raise the baby dragon as his own Everyday, Lobo and the baby dragon, named Pitaya, would go out and scavenge for food while avoiding other predators. —Lobo would carefully check the area for any danger before treading on. Pitaya on the other hand, was very untroubled and often went about without a care in the world. —They find an abandoned carcass, say for a few vultures. No different than their day to day, they often devour their meals without much issue. Until one day, Pitaya gets distracted by a pretty butterfly and chases it into the jungle without Lobo’s notice. —Unbeknownst to her, that smilodon is out on the prowl, looking for its next meal. It catches a whiff of her scent and stalks the area. —Pitaya bounds around happily trying to catch the butterfly. Completely unaware of the danger that surrounds her as the smilodon inches closer and closer.

Team Kay
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