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Lumi's Story Spine

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1. Once upon a time, there was a brother and sister who loved working together and they liked to create and invent things. 2. Every day they worked as a team to invent lots of different machinery. 3. Until one day, her brother disappears. 4. Because of that, Lumi starts her search for her brother. Initially BOBA leads her to a portal into another dimension, but begins to malfunction while entering. 5. Because of that, she feels severe loneliness and dependency without her brother. Lost in the other dimension, she accidentally breaks BOBA out of frustration. 6. Because of that, she finds a crystal within BOBA that it was using to track her brother. With the crystal, a newfound determination, and a couple of misfit friends she found along the way, Lumi ventures back out into the wilds of this weird dimension in search of her brother once more. 7. Until finally, Lumi finds her brother but he doesn't want to leave with her. He has already built a life for himself in the other dimension. Lumi becomes overwhelmingly upset and doesn't understand what she is supposed to do without her brother. She eventually realizes that on her journey to find her brother, she found herself a family all on her own. 8. And ever since then, she realizes how to be self-reliant and resilient. She may not have her brother anymore but she now has a family that she built on her own.

Team P2
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