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Skelly Act 1+2

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Once upon a time, there was a government which was endangered due to low population. Because of the low pregnancy rate, there were no young people to work and pay taxes to support their system.

At that moment, the President of Return-all Kelton brought a new solution with highly developed Biotechnology. He suggested bringing dead people alive and using them as human resources.

They thought there were no other alternatives, so politicians agreed to give him permission to use dead bodies as public goods.

Based on the aid of the Resurrected workers, known as Re-Workers, the society became stabilized. However, since the politicians were worried if this act of law might be considered as the violence of human rights, they decided to put everything into a secret. This decision made the Re-workers separated from human society.

As time passed, people thought that it disappeared and was forgotten as an urban myth, however, the truth was different from what people know.


Every day, Skelly worked hard. His job was not his dream job that he ever wanted, but still he was passionate. Moreover, since his family needed his support, he did not care about his own sake. He was satisfied with his families’ happiness. He worked hard and he died peacefully.

He thought, finally, now I can rest. Rest in peace forever.

Unfortunately, it was not the end. As he agreed to national donation of his embodiment after his death, he was brought back to life to work again.

By following the contract of Return-All, SKelly had owed his life and must pay for his unwanted toll for his resurrection, meaning for a lot of credits. But since he did not have anything, this means he owed a big amount of debts from Return-All.

He thought this contract was unfair, he argued and he wanted to go back. However, since his entire family agreed to the same donation like he did. That means unless he does his job here, his family would replace his position instead.

This left him no choice but to sign this unfair contract. And he became a worker for multiple purposes. Mainly, he conveyed dead bodies and checked the condition of them.

Everynight, when his arduous work is finished, he could come back to his cabinet and take a rest. At that moment, he began to recollect his past days of life. But everyday, he talked to his family. There were no other choices but wait for me.

Until one day he meets an unexpected one, the girl named Rachel.

Rachel was a new reporter for the mystery magazine. However, her boss did not like her news since everything she brought was old and historical.

Her boss wanted something sensational, and she shouted at Rachel.
If she cannot bring alive-news, then her contract won’t be continued till next month.
And her boss gave her three days to prove her wrong.

This made Rachel to move outside and even how far and rural the region was. However, she could not find the news for her boss.

At the last day and last place she had been was a very rural area that almost nobody lived in. She put herself in a small cafeteria and ordered some food and beverages.

But suddenly, some weird truck caught her eyes which were heading to the palace not only but for an abandoned graveyard.

WIth the strong sense of mystery, she followed the truck. There were creatures that she had never seen before, which were skeletons pulling out the dead bodies from abandoned graveyards. To document this, Rachel turned on the camera app on her phone and took a picture.

But suddenly, the flash goes off, so they noticed her existence. Those skeletons started to chase her, but since they were also not familiar with this region, they lost Rachel. However, Rachel was actually in the truck and hid herself into a casket.

The workers did not know about this, so they just moved the caskets into section D, where Skelly was working at.


Because of that, Skelly was so surprised by her presence and started to get worried of the penalties that he might have. In this case, his debts are likely to become greater. He did not want to and to avoid it, he planned her escape from this company by disguising her as a new Re-worker.

In the middle of this, Rachel could follow and see what RE-workers’ life looked like.

In the end of the day, he could make a chance to ride her a truck going outside. After letting her ride onto the truck, he thought everything would be fine. However, she remained.

She thought everything that was happening in this company could be the biggest news that she ever wanted. This left him no choice but to let her stay with him.

At night time, they were sharing how each of their lives was like, what they felt. At the moment, Rachel asked him, what do you want? This is actually your second chance. What do you want except for coming back to your family? Since he never thought like that, he could not answer but he said I don’t know.

In the morning, Rachel and Skelly were gathered up for the work needing volunteers. It was about going to find the lost workers from the Under-Deep, which is known for the place where the skeletons could never return. Nobody wanted to go there, so it needed volunteers. The authorities made their words to give volunteers a lot of credit. It was even enough to pay all of Skelly's debts, This made him lose his temper and willingly volunteered to go Underdeep.
After Skelly and Rachel went down deep to the basement, they had to look around with the pile of un-rottened bodies which were intermediate results of former experiments. From there, they could meet a buried dead man, who introduces himself as Shank.

Shank guided them to the buried Paradise, which they call, Fall-up. From there, Skelly and Rachel could find many lost workers, and even who were known returned in peace. With confusing feelings, Skelly asked Shank about how they could be here.

Shank told him the secret of the Return-All corporation, which is that there is no returning peace at all. Current President, Kelic hates the dead workers and he is lying to their Re-workers about it. He just dumped dead people into the Underdeep when the usage of them is fulfilled.

Skelly denied. To prove his honesty, Shank suggested finding the secret book continued over the generations of the President. Shank told Skelly that it is hidden behind the portrait of the first president, kKelton.

Skelly and Rachel go through the ventilation tunnel to reach out the president’s room. From there, they could go to the portrait on the wall and find the hidden book.

However, something was strange. When Skelly opened it, there was nothing but photo images of Re-workers. He was partially relieved but also unsatisfied. In the meantime, Rachel could not understand Skelly’s reaction. Because she could see everything so clearly.

By the aid of Rachel, they could find two important secrets.

One, the depts that Re-workers supposed to pay for their tolls are nearly impossible to fulfilled.

Two, The true Identity of Shank. HIs name was not Shank, but the founder of this company, Kelton.

They were so surprised by this truth and decided to go back to the Underdeep to ask Shank about this. In a hurry, Rachel kept the book in her bag without even knowing there was actually a tracking device on that book.

Skelly and Rachel go back to Kelton and hear of what actually happened.

Before the act of law was made, Young Kelton was researching for a coordinate to make dead people alive and make them back to dead. But the Formula was only half done, he only knew how to resurrect the dead bodies, not opposite. However, Politicians and Sponsor of his could wait for his research. So by putting everything else into the secret, Kelton and Politicians decided to push forward without thinking of side effects.

Kelton thought it was wrong, and he wanted to make devices for Re-workers to rest in peace. To make it happen, he decided to make himself resurrected dead, and continued his research. But the only answer he could find was, it is nearly impossible.

As time passed, his inner drive to fulfill his purpose became twisted. He wanted his descendants to continue his research and he intervened in every decision of the company standing behind the presidents over generations. This made presidents so passive and feeling shameful since they were only looking for his decision like a puppet. This act was continued over and over the generations how many presidents have been changed, until one day he got assaulted and abandoned into the Underdeep.

By listening to the truth, Skelly and Rachel were stunned. To refresh this moment, Rachel tried to ask about the book. Kelton was so surprised that it was here. He told her it was bugged.

Suddenly, the Militias of the current president, Kelic came to the Fall-up and neuralized the abandoned dead.

After Kelic found the Kelton, he showed his enjoyment and strong distress of his survival. Kelic hugged him and whispered silently which even made Kelton shocked. Since Skelly was downed nearby them, he could hear something between the ‘door’ and the ‘key.’

Kelic bringed the key which was one of the devices that Kelton failed to make. Kelic told him even this is not the proper way to use it, but he wants Kelton to have its taste for showing his respect. By putting the key onto the neck of Kelton, and with the strong light and fearful scream, Kelton returned in peace again.

Skelly was so shocked and yelled at Kelic. He felt disturbed by his words but he did not kill Sklelly but only imprisoned him into the cube.

In the meantime, Rachel was offered a new job in the top-level magazine, and it was the position which she ever wanted. But she was offered it in exchange for keeping everything in secret that happened in this company forever.

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