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Orion the Brave - Act1

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Once upon a time there was a constellation called Orion Like every day, he took care of the animal constellations and played with them; especially with his favorite, Canis. Then they went together to the Horsehead Nebula, where Orion lived, and there he fed the animals with stardust. Every time someone approached his home, Orion hid. Even from Aquarius, the nice constellation that distributed the water to all the constellations. Orion was unable to talk to anyone, since, thousands of years ago, he made a huge mistake: during a fierce battle, fear overcame him and he was unable to destroy the dangerous meteorite that wiped out much of life on Earth. and that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Although the others tried to comfort him, Orion was too embarrassed and insecure, and he decided to isolate himself with the only ones who understood him: the animals. And never fight again. But one day, the great enemies of the constellations, Phobos and Deimos, decided to attack again by launching a dangerous meteorite directly to planet Earth, wishing to end all the life of those they considered inferior: us, the humans. Orion was with his animals when they heard the horn announcing danger...

Hala Madrid Team
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