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"Teaching the Story Xperiential Program has been the most fulfilling experience of the school year." - Sidney B, HS Teacher"

"I cannot sing enough praise for the program. I watched even the most hesitant and disinterested students, students I had been wrestling with all year to engage, come alive during the 8 weeks." - Elyce J, HS Teacher

Groups & Educators

Register multiple Youth or Adult participants

Youth ages 13-18


Same incredible program, tailored for Youth

"This was the equivalent of getting an Ivy League degree in storytelling." - Adult Participant

18+ Adults

  • 9-week online course
  • Create & exhibit your storyreel
  • Weekly livestreams with Pixar
  • Weekly peer feedback
  • Online exhibition & awards
  • Work individually or in a team

"I'm loving every second! This is as fun as working for Netflix :)" - Cassilda, Adult Participant

Fall Program 2022

(Oct 3rd - Dec 2nd)

Fall Program 2022

(Oct 3rd-Dec 2nd)

Registration closes Oct 14th

  • Large groups/Schools - One person per organization registers the desired number of participants. Our team can help you with onboarding, e-mail for assistance. 
  • Individuals - You can register and work independently. 50% of participants work independently.
  • Teams - We encourage participants to try working with a team of 2-4. Invite people you’d like to work with to join the program with you and once you each register you can form one team within the program.​
  • Enrolled by someone else - Wait for an email notification that you have been registered.
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