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Week 8 | Due Friday, May 6th

Important: There are two steps to complete your submission:

1. Upload your work and press the first submit button

2. List team members, special thanks and press second submit

Now it’s time to submit your final deliverable for the exhibition due May 6th.

(you can submit late but you won't be eligible for user choice awards)

After uploading your final step will be to judge 5 entries in the Week 8 Gallery on May 7th - 9th.

Preview your video below. Videos can take some time to render, please wait for video to load.

Upload Video
Upload Image

Preview your image below

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Your team's submission has been uploaded successfully

The submission will appear in the weekly gallery after it has been moderated.

You can view and edit your submission here after it has rendered:

View your submission
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Please credit anyone involved in this project

Would you like to say a special thank you to anyone who helped or inspired you along your creative journey? Optional.
Please list your team members first names separated by commas. (example: George, Jenna, John). Required.
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