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Grandfather - Act 1 and 2

Isaiah had a loving relationship with his father, and enjoyed spending time with him. His father suddenly died and his grandfather moved in to help raise him. But Isaiah is always trying to fill that empty void that he feels without his father's relationship. And he doesn't connect with his grandfather because he's always on him to do this and do that. When Isaiah feels lonely without friends, and doesn't even feel that he can approach a girl he likes he feels very down. His grandfather talks to him and the two connect for the very first time and have a really nice talk. The boy takes his grandfathers advice about how to approach the girl, and it works. He's so excited to share the news with his grandfather, but when he gets home, he learns his grandfather had a heart attack and is in the hospital. Isaiah is really sad to hear the news as they just started to connect as friends for the first time.

I would like to thank my parents, my uncle, and my grandfather whom I never had the chance to meet. Aside from all my close friends and family who have always supported me every step of the way, I would like to thank the team at Story Xperiential and all the participants for all the wonderful feedback, suggestions and encouragement!

Special Thanks:

Nazish Naqvi


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