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Magic at the Beach: Rough Acts 1, 2, & 3

(I need to go back and add subtitles to my frames, but for now hopefully it reads well enough without them)

Act 1: Once upon a time, a girl named Naila moved to a new country with her family. She had a hard time adjusting to the new place and missed her friends very much.
Every day she went to the beach and listened to her music, tuning out the strange new world around her. She wanted to make new friends, but was shy and self-conscious because of the language barrier.
Until one day, she went for a walk down the beach and heard a beautiful noise that sounded like home. She followed the noise to a hidden tide pool and found the biggest, most beautiful shell she had ever seen. It was playing a song that sounded like everything she missed about her home and her old friends. It made her heart smile.

Act 2: Because of that, she wanted to call her friends and tell them all about it. She called one of them, but then realized they were all still asleep. She walked back to her place on the beach, looking at her shell and wondering what she would do with it.
Because of that, she no longer had her headphones on, and she heard one of the girls on come over to talk to her. She tried to be friendly, but struggled to speak English with the new girl.
Because of that, when the girl had to go home Naila thought it was because she was awkward and had said something wrong. She was frustrated with herself and sat on the sand with a heavy heart. She thought about how natural and easy life used to be.
Because of that, the put the shell in her bag to take it home, but didn't notice that the bag wasn't zipped up properly. The shell fell out and she walked away from it. When she got home she saw that it was missing and panicked, but had to wait till morning to go look for it.

Act 3: Until finally she rushed back to the beach and saw that someone else had already found the shell before her. She ran down and tried to talk to them despite her nerves. They had heard a heartsong come from the shell too, but knew it was hers and were willing to give it back to her. The moment their hands touched the shell, the song changed to something new that none of them had heard before. It was delightful and they all loved it even though they couldn't explain why.
Ever since then, the three girls have become good friends and taught each other their languages. They go to the beach together to play and to look for other amazing treasures.

Special Thanks:


Devyn, Erika

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