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I love the story! From begging to end the characters were creative and the story was interesting. My favorite part was when the plant grew feelings for the girl and got upset when the boy got too close.



The storyline was excellent. Very short video.



good story, I love the quick animation. I just feel like it could've been better.


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The Little Red Flower

Clara is a little girl who loves to nurture plants. Her antisocial personality oftentimes makes her a target of bullying. One day she is forced to defend a small red flower from a group of garden bullies. Through a miraculous event, the flower that once seemed small and fragile transforms into somewhat of a monster, vines whipping around in anger against the bullies. After this unexpected battle with the group of bullies, Clara suddenly feels remorse and regret. In her time of need, a new kid named Luca comes along. He comforts her and they become friends. This new friendship with Luca quickly makes the plant jealous. Lashing out once more, the plant grabs Luca, dangling him from a vine. Anger strikes Clara, and she pulls her power of ether, hitting the plant over and over again. The plant then releases Luca, and he stumbles down to the ground. In this moment of opportunity they both rush to the garden shed, quickly grabbing weed killer. Clara decides that they need to take it down once and for all. Days after their final battle, Clara realizes that she is much better with Luca’s companionship, and that it’s important to have friends, and sometimes you have to rely on others.


Mackenzie Landsness: Main artist, animations/gifs, creative help
Cam Collman: Portion of art, creative help
Atticus Moore: Narration, story boarding/writing, editing

Thanks to everyone who watched our videos, and to the people who commented creative advice!

Special Thanks:


Atticus, Cam, MacKenzie

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