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Jonathon Q. Sniffer

Jonathon Sniffer is a carrot who, due to emotional trauma at an early age, loses compassion and empathy for others. He has to learn to experience and give kindness in order to change his mentality and make the world a better place. Script: Once upon a time there was a carrot named Jonathon Sniffer who lived in the ground with his family. They were happy in their field and lived a perfect life but Jon was emotionally feeble and had abandonment issues. Every Day they would pop out of the ground and have fun playing in the sun with each other. Jonathan was truly happy and was nurtured by his loving family. Until one day when his family was taken from the ground and Jonathon thought he would never see them again. Because of that Jon trains in order to never be hurt by anyone again. He believes that because he is strong physically, he won't be hurt again emotionally. Because of that Jon focuses solely on himself and loses compassion for others. He becomes sad and loses all traces of empathy. Because of that Jon starts to treat his friends poorly and they begin to dislike him for his self-centered behavior. Jon realizes that treating people with compassion and empathy is more beneficial than ignoring them. Until Finally Jon uses his newfound abilities of compassion and empathy to teach others to treat each other with kindness which in turn, makes the friendly people like Jonathon more. And ever since then he has lived his life treating people with kindness, and showing them empathy as well as compassion to help the world become a better, more kind place. The moral of the story is to treat others with compassion and kindness while focusing less on yourself.

Our teacher, Ms. Petrini, for showing true passion, dedication, and commitment to ensure everything ran as smooth as possible.

Special Thanks:

Jonathon Lizards

Andrew, Dara, David, Harris

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