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ACT 01

For many generations, the Guerrero family has inhabited the mansion near the cemetery located on the outskirts of the city. There, with their mysterious powers, they have helped hundreds of spirits pass to the afterlife. That gift has been inherited to each member of the family once they turn 11 years old. Nowadays in this huge mansion lives Billie with his grandmother Selene, a kind and powerful woman who will teach him all about their legacy once the moment comes.

Every day Billie goes to school and although he is too shy to make friends, he enjoys going there to borrow adventure books from the library and spends the lunch time drawing adventures on his notebooks. The journey back home is long and sometimes too hectic for Billy's liking, but as he gets closer and closer to home, he gradually feels at peace.

When Billie gets home he helps his grandmother to make flower arrangements for the graves, while she tells him stories of her great deed in helping the spirits. He listens to her attentively, and those stories move him as much as the stories he reads on his adventure books, however deep inside Billie knows he won't be able to do those rituals, not like his grandmother. He can't see himself in that position of creating rituals and serious strategies to help the ghosts out. Even though he is very familiar with the stories, he wants them to stay just like that, like stories. The idea of actually seeing a ghost makes him shiver.

Billie's 11th birthday finally came. Selene begins to get everything ready for Billies 1st ritual, she seems full of pride and joy. Billie begins to dress in a tunic that Selene hands him, his movements are nervous and he looks so worried. They walk into the cemetery and Selene puts a circle of candles around them and a clock in the middle. She starts to read from an old book in a strange language and Billie's hands start to sweat. Soon enough he couldn't take it anymore and ran towards the mansion. Selene is left alone and confused. She is completely stunned.

Billie runs to his room, his safe place, he closes the door, and just when he feels safe, he turns around and sees a ghost dog there in the middle of the room. He screams and jumps into his bed underneath the covers but the puppy thinks he is playing and jumps after him into the bed. When Billie opens his eyes, there is the ghost dog again.

ACT 02

Because of that Billie comes out of the bed in one big jump and runs. He crashes into the library and all the stuff on the shelves falls and he gets buried underneath all. When falling, a notebook remains open on the page on which one of his drawings shows him as a powerful ghost hunter. The ghost dog sees this drawing and then watches Billie crawling out the mountain of books and stuff. The full moon out in the window shines and makes Billie’s black silhouette look like the drawing of the terrifying ghost hunter. The ghost dog runs into the bed and hides underneath the covers. Billie sees the drawing and this reaction of the scared dog and he suddenly understands deeply that fear. He tries to get closer to calm the dog down but the dog goes flying out the window. Billie screams out of the window “Wait!”, but the ghost dog flies away into the woods. Billie decides to go after the dog but when he goes out of his room there is Selene at the door. She is trying to keep calm and tells him that they left the ritual unfinished, that means that the portal of life and death is open and is very dangerous. Also, they need to finish the ritual before midnight otherwise the spirits that were ready to pass today, will be stuck in the mortal realm forever. As much as he wants to go look for the dog, after hearing this, he agrees to return to the ritual.

Because of that they go again to the circle of candles and Selene starts to be super vigilant of Billie doing the things as she says. She asks him to sit in a specific spot of the circle, to carefully hold a crystal glass band to repeat some strange phrases. Billie doesn’t understand the meaning of the objects and the words so he starts to ask her. Selene seems worried about the time, so she only answers that all of this is meaningful because that's the way of channeling the powers that they have. Billie, as uncomfortable as he is, tries to read the phrases but he mispronounces the words. Selene corrects him but he mispronounces again. The third time he tries, he pronounces a word that activates some different energy. Selene, very worried, takes the cup of his hand and starts to say the words herself in an intent of correcting the ritual, but it is too late and a vortex opens above them. As the vortex opens a lot of golden threads from all around the city start to grow closer to them. Selene tells Billie that as the portal to the afterlife gets bigger, the affective bond of the people that are mourning a deceased person begins to become visible as golden threads and can be strong enough to pull in the souls again to this world. Should any of those threads reach the vortex and take out a soul, those souls will come back as souls in pain ready to hurt anyone in their path. She starts a spell to try to close the vortex but it gets very hard and soon she gets weak.

Because of that, all the ghosts that were waiting for today's ritual to pass on to the afterlife start to get affected, they change and seem lost. Everything is getting out of control and Billie feels the need to run away again but he sees his grandma struggling and walks up to her side. As she gets weaker a golden thread grows out her chest but it doesn’t grow in the direction of the vortex, it grows in the direction of the mausoleum in the cementery. Billie, astonished, starts to follow this golden thread and enters the mausoleum. There is the ghost dog barking, and the ghosts of his father and mother are wandering around the room like lost souls. In the room he also finds some presents for him and some party-like arrangements. He looks out the window and sees his grandma fainting and some souls getting out of the vortex pulled by the golden threads.

This is where the special thanks would go!  I’m assuming they will be a little longer this week, therefore, I designed extra space for them. If there is far more description and special thanks then there is space, this entire box becomes scrollable.

Special Thanks:

Pizza Planet Co.

Andrea, Manuela, Nicolás, Simon

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