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Luis Fights his Demon: Story Spine

Once upon a time: There is a boxer named Luis Juliano. Having immigrated from a 3rd world country with his mother, who passed shortly after their arrival, Luis is mentored by his coach and boxing trainer. Luis does what he can to provide for his expecting wife and 4 yr old Every day:Luis ensures his family is cared for by cooking, cleaning, etc. then heads on his run, studies in the gym, then finally hits the weights or trains. He is family first, career second. His close circle is his wife and trainer. His trainer is always looking for opportunities to show the talent Luis has and also help his employment. Luis enjoys the technicality of the sport in practice but does not care for the violence anymore because of his family. But one day: During a match, he sees someone in the crowd who reminds him of his past. A darkness forms and grabs his reality. He's no longer facing only a physical opponent, but a spectral and smokey figure with jarring white features. This demon embodies his past trauma. Physical and mental damage comes hurling at him. He is torn down, he is no longer a man but the boy that was hurt. He has a flashback to when he was a young boy in an impoverished and politically tumultuous country. Officers were patrolling the street choosing doors at random to kick down and raid. His was one of them. BANG! The heavily armored officer steps in with his machine gun pointing. He grabs the only man in the house, Luis’ father, BANG, he is executed outside. Because of that: His flashbacks of the trauma give him a response and he takes his rage out on his opponent. He brutally beats his opponent and is pulled off of him. He is blinded by his rage and ignores all strategy and inhibitions. He wins the fight but hates himself for what he's done, what he could’ve done to save his father, and how weak he was. Because of that: His wife and trainer question his brutality in the last match, to which he brushes them off for as long as he can until he breaks down and tells his wife about his traumatic experience. - Consequence and context Because of that: The full flashback is shown of a human breaking down the door and “disappearing” his father along with others. Then we follow Luis and his mother escaping, briefly showing their journey to the US, her passing, and Luis’ boxing journey. Being vulnerable with his wife helps Luis’ mentally prepare to win the next fight and shows his dedication to family, past and present. He needs strength and courage to overcome his next challenge. Until finally: The demon returns in the next fight, changing forms, officers, his father, and finally transforming into Luis’s younger self. His younger self berates him and tries to beat him down. Asking him how he couldn’t defend his family, but Luis thinks of all the good in his life and from his past and puts down the gloves. The darkness fades but the outline of his childhood self comes forward from the body of his opponent and big Luis hugs little Luis. - Luis faces his past and comes to forgive himself Ever since that day: Luis runs a small shop selling empanadas, his wife and children are happy. They are open with each other about their feelings The moral of the story is: Self-love needs strength and courage and your past doesn’t define you

Special thanks to my beautiful partner and gf Katie Gibbons for doing all the illustrations and providing her voice.

Thanks to my friends and family for the various voices

Special Thanks:

Squinch Creative

Emmanuel, Katie

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