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Please provide final feedback to the creators of this submission below:​

  • What did you like or love about this submission?

  • What did you find confusing or unclear?

  • What suggestions do you have to make it stronger?


I really love this, I'm so intrigued by your story. I love the composition, the color scheme and the contrast between blue and red. I really love that you give us a glimpse to a bigger world. I want to learn more about those characters in the background. The eye is immediately drawn to the character on the left. I'm a little confused by what's going on in the scene, its your main character the one on the right or on the left? My suggestion would be to work on the poses so that we get a better idea of what's going on. I'll be following your submissions, can't wait to learn more about this unique protagonist.



I like the dynamic watery colors and character designs depicted in this picture. The only problem for me is that there's so much to look at that I'm a little lost onto what's going on. I'm not sure if I should be focusing on the lima bean on a horse, the taco food tent, or the dissolving guy in the middle. It makes me intrigued, but I feel like it gives me a lot more questions than answers. I really liked the title of it — Mr. Charcoal in Recovery-land is A+ marketing. What might've made it more digestible is maybe choosing between depicting the recovery process or the recovered character in the new world. However, this is just a suggestion cause the assignment was to put a character in their world, and Mr. Charcoal is certainly in a vivid, lively world.

In regards to why your group might not have gotten as many comments as you wanted is probably simply because of the late submission. There's a lot of good colors and character design here that'd make me want to click on it. The busyness might make it a little intimidating to comment on, but it's a lot easier to add a lot and get advice on what to cut back than have almost nothing and expect people to give good advice. So, good on that there.


Isabella (1 like)

I love the colors and shading! You did a really good job on the cave; the plot is interesting too!


Megan (1 like)

I really like the different color techniques that you used in this illustration. I think that you used a lot of depth perception well in your image as well to show the foreground, the middle, and the background. I am confused as to the world depicted in the background - I am not sure I understand if it is a world threatened by climate issues, one that is a frog's only world, etc. I am also wondering what is happening to the frog that appears to changing from the greenish color to the red color. I would be curious to know if there was a way to reverse the carbon transformation completely or if he will realize that he was meant to be this way in the healthier world because he is meant to help others survive and thrive.



Hi Megan,
Thank you for your feedback!

I'm glad that you could understand the carbon transformation happening unto a healthier frog. We think the frog is not able to completely reverse the carbon transformation but gets well enough to continue a healthier life.

As for the other observations we'll keep them in mind and decide :)


Dan (3 likes)

The art style is very cool. The use of light as well, where you are drawn to the bright background, but then can trace back to the origin of the red frog to the right.
Nothing is confusion in the traditional sense, I'm just interested in what is going on. Intrigued with what this story could be about with all these seemingly different elements outside the cave. Is it all from the world as the frog sees it in the present or are these several scenes of the world he will see?
Suggestion: I like the use of light very much, but the upper left around the tree looks a little too blown out (bright).


Maria Teresa (3 likes)

Hi Dan, thank you for your comment, the backlight....yes you're right, we took off other drawings because it was too much and I forget add color.


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Mr. Charcoal in Recovery-land

Mr. Charcoal is a burnt-out frog in recovery.

At first it looked carbonized, but now he is feeling better and looks a bit healthier.

Even if he is shaking while taking a look at the world he likes what he sees, a healthier new world and a promise for a brighter future!

Special thank you to everyone who gave us feedback. It really made the difference from StoryXperiential teams and outside friends.

Special Thanks:

Raining Frogs

Diego, Diego, Maria Teresa

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