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This was very good I really enjoy this story



Wow, what an inspirational story! The wonderful structure paired with your expert cinematography gave me a whirlwind of emotions. There's so much here. It's a story of romance, rivalry, lust, love, and the labors of cooking. Even the editing greatly enhances the emotional story beats. You have a future at Pixar, I can already tell.


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The Story of Chick 'n Alfred - O' how saucy it is!

Two rivals are at gustatory war when one realizes the other is too hot to resist. They find out that they are better together than apart.

We would like to thank Ms. Amy, who this project would not be possible without; Patrick, who didn't actually really do anything for us but deserves to be on this list; Nate and Thomas, whose antics inspired our characters; and finally the rest of our AP English class, who dealt with our terrible name puns.

Special Thanks:


Ben, Eli, Mattie, Olivia

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