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I like this idea of people becoming faster and stronger as they age. It makes me wonder if their appearance continues to show the advanced years, or do they somehow maintain a youthful appearance? Also do their minds remain sharp, or does their mental faculties decline while at the same time possessing superior strength? A very clever idea!



Hi! Your 3rd scenario was pretty neat! I would love to see a world where octogenarians are competing in the olympics! Some thoughts are: would younger people be really weak at the beginning of their youth? Are seniors not affected by diseases such as Alzheimer or dementia because their body and minds are in peak shape later in life? I am excited to learn more about your story :)


Miriam (1 like)

My favorite idea is the third! I love that older people are stronger and faster than young people. They would be able to run to catch the bus and help the young people with the shopping bags. A grandfather winning the Olympic final against Usain Bolt! But would they get sick and die suddenly or are they immortal?


Jay (1 like)

Oh love your ideas! The last one is so cool! The first one would also be such an interesting concept. Like is it all random or do certain kind of thoughts turn into certain kind of objects? Specific thoughts that turn into leaves to float around f.e. all happy thoughts turn into leaves to float around for people to catch them or sad thoughts turn into ocean drops. I can picture some kind of underlying climate change mesage underneath the story. What if the leaves get less and less (implying that the happy thoughts get less and less) and the sad thoughts increase and with this they increase the sea level cause there are too many sad ocean drop thoughts?


Esmeralda (1 like)

Hey! My favorite What if was the third one because I feel like it brings a lot of potential for humor. It makes we wonder all types of crazy scenarios older people would get into to test their strength. Something unclear to me is how would it be possible for older people to keep getting stronger? is there a special medicine or serum you need to take or is it just natural. Amazing job!


Melissa (1 like)

My favorite is the third what if. It's just so totally opposite from common wisdom in our own world, and I feel like you can take it in so many directions. It makes me wonder just how age dynamics work in such a world. However, I'm also unclear on how exactly that would work in terms of labor, or athleticism, or retirement...


Charles (1 like)

I like the third idea the most. I think everyone over the age of 30 would love if that were real.
It makes me wonder if the senior olympics would be more widely attended.
It makes me wonder if that might someday be true partly because of technology.
It makes me wonder if we’d still have retirement communities.
It makes me wonder if we’d still have retirement at all!
It was unclear to me what the curve for speed and strength is. Are teenagers still weak and by their 20s can finally lift a gallon of milk?
It makes me wonder if gangs of overpowered senior citizens would be roaming the streets.

Great Job!!! Can’t wait to see more :)


Keo (1 like)

I really enjoyed these ideas! I especially gravitated towards the first What If. For me, I think that story would be a great way to explore the concept of inspiration in a very unique and visual manner. Would all things be able to provide ideas? Or are certain objects more capable of providing them than others?


Ashley (1 like)

I really like the third idea! Suoer grandma for the win!


Shayleen (1 like)

Happy Saturday! I love your ideas and illustrations. So fun! I especially love the last one about people getting faster and stronger as they age. That's such a polar opposite to my normal way of thinking, so it's cool to be challenged and pushed out of the box with that idea. It makes me wonder if their skin still ages. Do they LOOK old, but are incredibly strong and capable. It's unclear at the moment what the natural cause of death would be for the older people. Since they're strong and fast, are their bodies just super unhealthy on the inside? Or is there another threat? Overall, nice job! :D


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