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Week 6 "No such thing as aliens"

Once there was a young woman named Jodi who worked with her mom and their little dog Oliver at their family museum in Roswell, New Mexico.
Every day at work Jodi's mom checks visistors in, telling them about the great alien artifacts they can see in the museum. Jodi can barely keep from rolling her eyes as she passes out alien buttons.
Jodi moves on to give her talks about Roswell lore and the "alleged" UFO crash. A man recognizes her and says, "I remember you, didn't your dad used to work here? And look at you now, he must be so proud."

Jodi's smile fades a little and she says, "I wouldn't know, he's not around anymore."

Another person pipes up, "Your dad used to work here? I heard he got abducted by aliens a few years ago." Jodi mubles something about not believing in aliens, ends the talk abruptly, and walks away in tears.
Jodi comes back to the front where her mom is. Her mom puts her arm around her and asks her what's wrong. Jodi says, "People are saying dad was abducted by aliens again." Her mom says, "I know honey, and I know in my heart they're bringing him back." Jodi rolls her eyes, "Mom, seriously?"
Jodi slumps over the counter and pets Oliver, telling him, "You're the only one who gets me." Jodi's mom pats her on the back and says, "Your nephew Mulder's school group is coming tonight. These kids love stories about aliens and UFOs. Try not to crush their dreams."
Later that evening, Jodi is giving her astronomy lecture on the patio to her nephew's school group. The kids start pointing at mysterious points of light in the sky. They shout, "UFO, UFO!" When Jodi looks up, they're gone.
Jodi's nephew Mulder asks, "Aunt Jodi, is it true what your mom said that your dad was abducted by aliens? Is that why he left you?"
Jodi bends down and says, "Yeah, aliens took my dad, and they're coming for you next!" And she storms away.
At the registration desk, Jodi whispers angrily, "Mom, there's no such thing as aliens, UFOs are not real, and dad left us!" She throws her vest on the table and runs out. Oliver jumps off the desk and follows her out the door.
Jodi tears down a country road and pulls over at a railroad crossing. She jumps out of her truck and yells up at the sky, "Why! Why did you leave us?!"
The sky has no response, just stars, crickets, and the quiet of the desert. A coyote howls. She stomps angrily back to her pickup, not noticing as Oliver pricks up his ears and takes off into the night.
She turns the key to start her pickup but then it abruptly dies. She digs her phone out but it's also dead. That's when she notices, it's very, very quiet. She looks around suspiciously.
All of a sudden her pickup is bathed in bright light. She squints up into the light. "What's a police helicopter doing out here?"
Just as quickly as it begins, it's over. A coyote howls again, only closer this time. She tries the key again and it starts. She takes off back down the country road toward the museum.
She's flying back toward town when a coyote crosses in front of her. She screeches to a halt and suddenly realizes, "Oliver!" She left him back at the railroad crossing.
She makes a quick turn and drives back faster than ever, scolding herself. "How could I be so stupid, there's coyotes everywhere!"
But she cuts herself off again and comes to another screeching halt, her eyes and mouth wide open.

Ahead of her, a bright beam of light iluminates her dog Oliver, who's standing in the middle of the road, barking up at a huge, hovering disk.

She watches in horror as her little dog is levitated off the ground. Oliver, still barking, is raised up into the sky, closer and closer to the hovering craft.

This is where the special thanks would go!  I’m assuming they will be a little longer this week, therefore, I designed extra space for them. If there is far more description and special thanks then there is space, this entire box becomes scrollable.

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