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Grandpa & the Machine Act:1,2,3

Grandpa & The Machine: Act one
Once upon a time… As a young boy Jim grew up with his inventor grandpa.
• Grampa would have something new to do, like planting trees and was always eventful.
Grampa : Make sure we water the tree or it will die
Jim: “OK I’ll get the water”
Jim: ”Grampa will you die if your not watered?”
Grampa: “ Why yes I would Jim”
Jim: “Grampa I never want you to die.”
Jim soaks Grampa with water and Grampa was a little disappointed about it

Every day… Late at night Grampa would head off to his workshop
• Yet Jim was always curious in what he does and would sneak out watch but never got caught
• Time had passed and one day Jim got married and Grampa was the best man.
• But Grampa’s little buddy later moves away to start his life.

But one day…Jim gets a phone call, Grampa was gone.
• At the funeral, the memories flood Jim as he looks at the picture of the man he admired.
• Hurt Jim goes to Grampa’s shop and finds that Grampa was working on something new.
• Jim realizes Grampa left a letter and shows him what he needs

Act 2:
Because the letter explains to Jim that Grampa has built a machine on a small scale to connect the other side he would need to finish it as he was stuck..
- Jim Uncovered and marveled over the invention that is grampa invented.
- So, Jim began studying and researching to finish the machine in Grampas’ shop.
- Till his wife came in one evening and said it was time to go, they were having a baby.

Because of that…the project slowed. Over the years Jim started raising his daughters, researching, and working on what he could at night.
- Jim scavenges the property and the junkyard for the parts. While searching for parts, Jim finds a rare micro-core reactor part to solve the problem Grampa had.
- When Jim arrives home, and his daughter run up and help unload the truck. But the bag gets torn, and that special part falls out in-between the floorboards of the shop without anyone knowing.
- Jim takes the bag from his daughter and looks in the bag for the last part. He is in dismay. Maybe he was dreaming, but the part was gone and mad.

Because of that…
Over the years Jim continues digging in junkyards looking for another rare micro-core reactor, only to leave empty handed

- Till late one-night after returning, Jim goes in the shop and the floorboard breaks. Jim falls in. When crawling out Jim sees something glimmer. Jim reaches out and grabs the glimmering object… Jim opens his hand the missing part has been found.
- Excited to finally complete to finish the machine, Jim blows the part and places it in and power up the machine. “BOOOOM!!”an explosion blows out all the windows in the shop.
- Covered in black soot from head to toe, Jim feeling defeated, not knowing what went wrong, leaves the shop and sits by the tree that he and Grampa planted.

Act 3:
Until One day… age has gotten the best of Jim. Jim decides to unlock the door of the shop walks in and uncover the machine. Jim starts to cleanup with a broom and bends down to pick up the picture of his grandfather, half burnt.
- But notices that the wiring on the machine didn’t look right he reviewed his charred drawing and notices the polarity of the micro core reactor power source was connected backward but was still glowing.
- Hoping that something so simple could have been the problem so many years back. Jim makes the repairs to the machine over the next few hours. And then, the core reactor starts to glow brighter and slowly powers the machine.
- The machine started to make loud noises and shakes the whole building. (Family runs out of house like it was an earthquake!) Then everything instantly became still. Back in grampa’s shop the machine was on.
- Jim was surprised and shocked. Gazing into the looking glass Jim only sees himself. Until the man in the mirror placed his hand on the glass and said, Grampa: “What took you so long boy?”
Jim: “I had some setbacks; sorry, this took me so long! I missed you!“ Grampa “and I you….”
- Pause :
- Grampa: “Is the tree still alive?”
Jim “ it sure is, I sit by it every day…”
From that day forward, Jim and Grampa get to talk about the lifetime they have missed.

I like to thank my wife Divonna, daughters Allison and Lia. Including my parents and brothers for all believing in me and my passion. I would also like to thank the In A Box Program, Pixar Staff and all the class members who participated. This experience was a great opportunity to broaden my mind inside and outside of the box.

Special Thanks:

James T


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