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Cian and the Metaverse

Cian And the Metaverse ( 8 Steps/ Story)

Once Upon a Time, there lived a guy named Cian, he as most of the population of the planet spent his day laying in bed, connected to the metaverse. This was a very sophisticated system on which anything was easier, better & more fun than the experiences you’d find outside it.

Everyday he would just stay tuned with the help of the “manna”, a substance designed to keep him hydrous and with all needs covered…This would facilitate long periods on-line with no need to return into reality.

Until One day when Cian is immersed, the metaverse machine stops. Between gasps Cian recovered from his bed. -” What had just happened?! ” In a stew, He tried to reconnect everything with no result, ¿Would that be something happening in all the Neighborhood? He needed to know.

Because of that he seeks information just to find out nobody else had had a problem. And everyone is still connected to their respective machines.

Because of that he’ll call for technical support, which will delay for almost an entire week. At first this will make Cian go nuts, But one way or another he’ll have to re-learn how to occupy his time. Taking some deep look at his house items (memories of another time)… and also he will have to buy food.

And because of that he’ll have to go outside his comfort zone. leaving the house. The world outside is very different from the metaverse, it’s dangerous. He’d even have to wear a mask along the oxygen machine. It's all so very frustrating the first days…having to do all the real work by himself…

Until finally, the Technical support arrives fixing just in time the metaverse machine… After having his last meal, Cian’s almost ready to enter the metaverse once again. He stops and stares at the turn off machine. Hesitates for a couple of seconds…Then looks around…and decides to stay offline, Reading.

Ever since then, Cian hasn't had the need of using the metaverse machine, Instead he has been doing the simple daily tasks he somehow accomplished to enjoy. Being capable of going out, making lunch, tidying up things & interacting … have been refreshing.

The moral of the Story is to Go outside your Comfort zone, And to look Outside your Window. There might be better things coming if you dare to embrace what the world has to offer you locally, Even if you face hard adversities.

Special Thanks:

The Brave


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