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  • What did you like or love about this submission?

  • What did you find confusing or unclear?

  • What suggestions do you have to make it stronger?

Maranda (1 like)

I love the journey Sheldon went through and that despite it all, he never gave up and was able to reached the island with his grandfather. I also love the illustrations and the animated portions. Great job Team The Deep Inkers!


Nazish (1 like)

This was a really fun story that I enjoyed watching. One suggestion I had was related to the grandfather's death. Maybe have him tell Sheldon that he can now die in peace since he has finally reached his paradise rather than it just being so suddenly. Just to give it a little more of a beat. Really like the artwork and style and characters- it had a lot of personality in it. Love the grandfather's hair!


Sara (1 like)

I love the story and how Sheldon and his grandfather's dreams come true. Grandpa's stories open his dreams of flying. The years lost in school that he scams his students, promising false hopes and how he admits the reality of not being able to fly on his own. In the end he regains control of his life and with effort and knowledge and invents the plane, being able to see his distant relatives.
Perhaps what confuses me is so many different drawing styles. For the rest, congratulations!


Hansen (1 like)

Love the animation style. Kind of reminds of paper mario. I also love how Sheldon's personality comes to life through the art and music.

I would add a little something earlier in the story that suggests electric eels could be a power source. I think the internal logic of the story could support the idea of electric eels, but it feels a little random right now.

I'm also not sure how I feel about the grandfather dying at the end from excitement. That almost implies that Sheldon kills him. Instead, I think the grandfather should die from natural causes. This way, we can interpret Sheldon taking his Grandfather flying as fulfilling his last dying wish.


Kristin (1 like)

I liked this story, I do believe that there can be some adjustments made to the conclusion of the story to possibly connect to the beginning. Maybe his grandfather teaches him that it's ok that penguins can't fly, because they can do so much else. This could be a great character arc for Sheldon in the story!
Great job on the short film!


Kristin (1 like)

I really like the art style of this short. The penguin designs are super cute! Nice job!


Carol (1 like)

I have to say I love this story a lot. I love your idea. It's a bit quick, your pacing could slow down so we can connect with the characters emotionally a little more. But overall great job!.


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Sheldon Takes Flight!

Sheldon the Penguin dreams of taking a journey through the sky to return his ailing grandfather back to his homeland paradise.

Team: The Deep Inkers

Shomari Smith - Artwork/Animation/Video editing
Malachi Head - Artwork/Animation/Music Composition/Voiceover
Masii Head - Artwork/Animation/Voiceover
Jesse - Artwork

Special Thanks:

The Deep Inkers

Jesse, Malachi, Masii, Shomari

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