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A Father & Daughter Experience Story Xperiential

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Learning to Share my Vision

As a teenager who enjoys both drawing and writing as a pastime, it’s often difficult to connect and share my ideas and creations while making it interesting for my family to listen to. My parents have always encouraged my art and writings, but it was hard sharing and having conversations about what I would be writing about until my father saw a posting for Xperiential, and that I should try it out.

I found that Xperiential was not only a great opportunity for me to improve on my skills but also provided a way for me to share ideas with my father (who would sit in and watch the live events show with me) and the other participants taking the program. The other participants and I were able to give and receive each other well explained critiques and provided each other with helpful feedback on how to improve our storyboards. It was a great confidence booster.

I enjoyed the weekly livestreams where the guest speaker would share information and tell their story, while also taking moments to answer live questions. I found that when Xperiential would review some of the weeks submissions, it was really beneficial to take notes on how to improve, as the guest speakers provided a sense of understanding that helped me know I was generally on the right page with instructions.

Emma's early sketches. Our program emphaizes the importance of starting on paper.

Oftentimes, after every livestream, my father and I would chat about how that day's stream could help progress my story along for the next week. It sparked a lot more opportunity for conversation between us and for me to have someone to bounce my ideas off.

I felt that the people at Xperiential created an amazing course that inspires everyone taking it to be encouraged to share their work (finished and unfinished) and I found myself learning and continuing to put myself and my creations out there. I felt this program helped me feel more confident in creating new ideas, and the pursuit of them, be it story writing or drawing and I have Xperiential to thank for this experience.

I’ve taken the course twice, once receiving ‘Special Recognition’ by peers in the program, which was very heart warming and exciting. I look forward to taking the program again, as it is different each time!

Emma sketching out her character using simple shapes as a guide

Father Time with Daughter - Arts vs Sports.

As the parent of a teenage daughter who loves to draw and write stories, the greatest part of having her enroll in the Xperiential program (twice now!!) was that it gave me a window into her passion and opportunities for the two of us to talk with each classes theme.

With my son, his passion is basketball. With him, we can walk out to our home net, pick up a ball and practice together. Having someone join you in sports is fun and welcomed. It happens naturally. We practice basic moves, shooting, play some 1 v 1 (in which he comments how slow I am, as he ‘breaks my ankles”, as he likes to say). While we play, we talk and interact. Organic father/son time.

With my daughter, her passion has been telling stories and drawing. Growing up she would spend hours creating and writing stories. Over time, she realized she could combine story and art together, and has been enjoying the creative journey. That said, the imaginary world she would go to, in creating stories and art had often been a solitary experience until it would come out on paper. The ability to grab a pencil (or stylus in this modern age) and join her on a page… well, it’s not as easy as interacting in ‘sport’.

That was before Xperiential came along.

With Xperiental, I got to join my daughter for the weekly live broadcast in the comfort of our TV room. Then because the program encouraged finding someone or a ‘team’ to work with (reflecting the ‘team’ concept for the art ‘industry’ discussion panel meetings), I got to become her sounding board for her ideas.

Livestream with Olivia Coucci
Livestream with Olivia Coucci

I got to enjoy the storyboard ‘discussion moments’ as we would flesh out her ideas, following the guidelines of the program. We had discussions where her creative ideas or direction where questioned, and I got to be there with her, as she learned how to manage critic (using the brilliant model of the Xperiential program) – for as any of you know (parent or teen) – sometimes a parents comments aren’t always welcome… but in this, she was involving me, and welcoming/inviting the discussions because we had the shared frame work from the livestream discussions.

I felt like I could support her, like I do with my son in sports. I couldn’t draw for her, or create the idea, but I could be there to help work it out, just like in sports… just differently – I loved the ‘Team approach’ that they showed exists.

Additionally, each week, special guests would discuss their thoughts and doubts about their own art/storytelling journey, and the fears and worries they had and still manage. This was fantastic. Sharing how they felt, feared, and second guessed themselves! These discussions highlighted how natural it is in everyone to have such feelings. I applaud this part of the program, as how often do we think - ‘Hey - that person has it all together’ – ‘they don’t question their art skills’… forgetting that they too are still on their own life journey, and still question how they will bring their art forward to completeion.

Every user in the program has visibility into the lineage of all other projects

Just like in sports – Xperiential teaches that talent is only part of the process. Talent and skill are just part of ‘making it’. Self-development, continuing skills improvement, building confidence and collaborative teamwork are also essential in this profession.

Xperiential is more than just about teaching storyboards – it’s about the life skills needed to push yourself to the next level of storytelling and artistry. It’s about recognizing that individual efforts are essential, but that a team effort brings a story alive.

- Glenn and Emma Morash

Frame from Emma's final film


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